Child-Protection Policy

Delightsome Land School Child Protection Policy applies to all members of Delightsome Land community – staff, core staff and support staff, Admin staff, Directors, Full time, Part time and volunteers working in the school.
This policy document should be read in conjunction with other school policies and handbooks on behavior and interactions between pupils and those who work with them.

Our Policy

  1. The school must remain a safe environment for the children where they are free to grow and learn without fear.
  2. All members of staff must be continually educated on Child Protection issues.
  3. The curriculum must include concepts that equip the children with the skills to recognize danger and ways to keep safe from abuse.
  4. Parents must be aware that the school has a responsibility to keep pupils protected always.
  5. Ensure that pupils are aware of the issues of abuse and how to report it.

The Child Protection Officer (CPO)

The School has appointed a member of staff to be responsible for matters relating to child protection and welfare. The main responsibilities of the CPO are:

  1. To be the first point of contact for parents, students, teaching and non-teaching staff and external agencies in all matters of child protection.
  2. To co-ordinate the Child Protection procedures in the School.
  3. To maintain an on-going training programe for all School employees.
  4. To monitor the keeping, confidentiality and storage of records in relation to child protection.

Delightsome Land CPO is Mrs. Bukola Musa. She can be contacted on the +2348172017726 or by email at

The CPO will:

  1. Advice and act upon all suspicions and evidence of abuse reported to her.
  2. Keep the Director of the school informed of all actions.

All members of staff are asked to note the following good practice guidelines:

  1. Treat all pupils with dignity and respect.
  2. Be attentive to pupils’ language, tone of voice and body language.
  3. In one-to-one situations, keep the door ajar and ensure other adults are around.
  4. Do not invade a pupil’s privacy, especially when making use of the toilet.
  5. Do not play rough or provocative games.
  6. Do not be sexually suggestive about or to a pupil.
  7. Do not touch a student inappropriately or obtrusively.
  8. Do not ridicule or reject a student.
  9. Do not show favoritism.
  10. Do not permit abusive peer activities e.g. bullying and ridiculing.
  11. Do not allow unauthorized persons access to children in your care.
  12. Do not take personal photographs of children or allow unauthorized persons to do same.

The school has a Hand Book which contains staff Code of Conduct/Behavior that gives clear guidance to staff about their behavior and actions so as not to place pupils and staff at risk of harm.
Our curriculum in Delightsome Land School is designed to foster the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all our pupils.
All staff - teaching and non teaching, help to ensure that all of our pupils relate well with one another and feel safe and comfortable within the school. Every staff helps to ensure that pupils adhere to proper standards of behavior. To achieve the right behavior in pupils, it is the responsibility of all adults (Staff) in school to promote awareness on issues relating to health, safety and well being; they should be role models.

The following steps will be taken if cases of abuse are perceived or reported:

  1. Staff should listen sympathetically, without any show of emotion such as disbelief, outrage, doubt or shock. The staff should also avoid asking leading questions.
  2. Let the child feel confident that he/she is safe and taken seriously.
  3. Reassurance should be given that the child will be protected and the information concerning the incidence will only be on a “need to know” basis.
  4. Investigate any disclosure or gathered information suggestive of child abuse.
  5. A detailed record of any allegation of abuse must be made at the time of disclosure, and given to the CPO. The pupils should be told that any disclosure must be reported.
  6. The member of staff about whom the allegation has been made shall not continue their duties until the matter has been resolved.

Staff Responsibility

Staff must report to the school Director and the CPO, any concern or allegations about school practices or the behaviour of colleagues that are likely to put pupils at risk of abuse or other serious harm. The school must ensure there will be no retribution or disciplinary action taken against a member of staff for making such a report provided that it is done in good faith.
Safeguarding the children in school is everyone’s responsibility.