Environmental Policy

In Delightsome Land School, we strive to provide a happy and secure environment in which children are cared for.It is of utmost importance that all staff and pupils of Delightsome Land School understand that every action and every resource used in the school will have effect on the environment locally and globally. Everyone can help achieve this goal of a sustainable environment through education and good management choices, which will in turn improve the health and wellbeing of all at Delightsome Land School.


Delightsome Land staff work towards reducing the amount of materials used and the waste produced. We also make efforts to re-use materials whenever possible and respect our neighbours and the environment.
We aim to inculcate certain habits which will help children take responsibility for their actions and have a sense of duty for the world we all live in.


The amount of paper used in the classroom and office should be controlled. When printing documents, print on both sides of the paper. Remove display cardboard/sugar paper carefully and store cardboard and sugar paper for paper mache and other art works in classes. Un-used photocopies can be filled for later use.Use recycled paper for printers and photocopiers. Use of e-mails, school website and text messaging to communicate with parents will reduce the amount of paper letters sent home.Ensure there are plenty of bins all around the school for pupils to dispose their litter properly.

Computer and electrical equipment

Outdated or unwanted equipment is offered to others who might have a use for it. Our pupils should appreciate the impact of good or ill that humans can have on their environment. The pupils should take with them to secondary education a personal investment in the world around them. The pupils should be equipped to make informed choices concerning their environment.