Language Policy

Language Of Instruction

Delightsome Land School is situated in the Victoria Island. Most of the pupils reside in Victoria Island and Lekki environs in Lagos. The residents of Lagos are predominantly English speaking people but the local language is Yoruba.
Languages offered
English, is the language of learning and teaching. Hours per week is allocated to Language and Literacy. French is the Additional Language currently taught to all levels. . Three hours per week is allocated to this language.
It is the desire of many of our parents that we teach the children the local language - Yoruba. This is still under consideration.

Review of Language Policy

This language policy could be amended if required.

Language of Assessment

Assessment is conducted in English. As regards language, both English and French are assessed.

Communication with Parents

All communication is conducted in English.

Promotion of Literacy and Language development

Every class has a take home story book/novel which is reviewed and summarized in school. Reading comprehensive passages is also done where teachers guide pupils to read with proper pronunciation and intonation.
Library/Resource centre: We have a well-stocked library which learners use on a daily basis. Teachers also benefit from a broad range of resources which aid in teaching effectively.

Plans for accommodating learners of other language groups:

We periodically have enrolments of pupils whose home language is other than English. These have included French speaking children. These learners are well supported and encouraged by our competent educators.
Although English is the predominantly spoken and heard language in our geographic area, respect and recognition of all official languages is encouraged and supported.

Plan of Implementation

All teachers appointed at our school should be competent in the speaking, reading and writing of English.
We would be willing to adapt our policy should there be a need for this. To date we have had no requests for instruction other than in English. Should we receive these requests, they will be recorded and if warranted necessary changes will be investigated.

Plans to manage, monitor and assure quality of the languages policy.

Our policy is currently implemented to the full satisfaction of all parties - educators, parents, the community and learners. We shall remain flexible and are willing to adapt where necessary.

  1. Factors considered
    In drafting this policy, the following factors have been considered:
    1. The interests of the learners.
    2. The interests of the school community.
    3. The interests of the community in which the school is located.
    4. The capacity of the school.
    5. The resources and staff available to the school.
    6. International best practice with regard to class sizes and language in education, with specific reference to the importance of mother tongue education.
  2. Teaching and Examination
    All teaching and the taking of tests and examinations shall occur in the school’s medium/media of instruction.
  3. Policy on medium of instruction
    The school is a single-medium institution. The medium of instruction is English from preschool through to year 10